Neos is at the center of Chemnitz, in the Sonnenberg district. Everything you need for your student life in the vicinity: shopping, cafés and bars.

Neos is a complex of three old buildings included single student apartments, shared student apartments for 3-4 people, and an inner courtyard where you can chill and hang out. We are glad to announce, that a cool café – bar and a gym are coming soon.

You can choose one of 32 single apartments between 25sqm – 50 sqm: 14 small – size apartments (“smart”), 6 middle – size apartments (“comfy”), 6 two-room-apartments (double) and 6 penthouse apartments with two floors (“sky”). If you are into living with others, you have the possibility to choose one of 20 shared apartments, where you would live with 2-3 other students.

All single apartments has been fresh renovated and are fully furnished: a kitchenette, a bed, a wardrobe, a desk, your own bathroom and more awaits you. Of course there is your own high speed internet connection in the apartment.

Further a gym is coming soon, where the daily stress can be relieved. In addition a cool café – bar is coming also, where you can have a snack or drink, learn or just hang out with your friends. In good weather is our inner courtyard a perfect place to stay.

Your security is our issue as well – each doorway is video monitored. There is one worry less.

The positive thing with our concept: you pay an all-in-one rental fee – you have your costs under control – you concentrate on the essentials!